About Us

The Cariblime Story

Cariblime is the Caribbean’s newest social networking platform, created to unite Caribbean people, support Caribbean businesses and entrepreneurs, and promote Caribbean culture to the world

The Beginning

One day Daniel DeSouza was on Facebook marketing another one of his small businesses, when all of a sudden, he started daydreaming about a Caribbean version of Facebook and what would that look like, from that day on he started thinking about it more and more until he made up his mind that he was going to give this idea a try. Daniel started talking to friends, seeking advice and feedback, some were supportive and other were not, they seem to think this task was far to impossible to work.

Putting ideas to reality

It started out as an impossible task, with months to years of research, self teachings, trial and error, and coming up with different ideas on how to re-invent the social networking experience ad make it unique for the Caribbean. Fast forward today, the Caribbean Social Network is up and running, with a different look and feel to all of the social platforms here in the west, and little by little, more and more people are hearing about Cariblime and joining the community. In this beginning stage, Cariblime will be trying to raise the funds to implement new features and components, unique to any social platform in the west to make Caribbean people’s lives more convenient