Insahrefurniture Useufl Guide to Help you Clean Rattan Furniture

Insahrefurniture Useufl Guide to Help you Clean Rattan Furniture

Posted March 3,2021 in Economics and Trade.

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Native to Southeast Asia, rattan is a vine-like plant that can grow to extreme lengths. The durable, flexible outer shell of the vine may be removed to be woven into rattan Leisure Chair. The inner core, or cane, is denser, making it suitable for chair seats and other weight-bearing furnishings. These natural materials are very hardwearing and will last for years with a basic level of maintenance. Here's how to care for your rattan furniture:

Clean for the Type of Furniture

You can clean most garden furniture with soap and water. A pressure washer with 1200 to 1350 psi is useful on a low setting for cleaning many types of patio furniture, as you can read in our guides to cleaning Plastic Lawn Chairs and Wrought-Iron Furniture. Read on to see gentler cleaning methods for specific types of patio furniture.

Wicker patio furniture

You can clean wicker patio furniture using a hose or pressure washer. Simply remove the cushions and spray off dirt and spills. If the wicker is especially dirty, use a sponge, mild soap, and cold water to wash.

Wood patio furniture

If your wood patio furniture has been coated with an exterior-grade varnish, it can be cleaned using soapy water. Be sure to completely rinse away suds with clean water and then allow the patio furniture to dry completely. Teak is the most popular type of wood furniture because its easy to maintain. Get the full rundown in How to Clean and Care for Teak Furniture.

Fabric outdoor furniture

Furniture such as hammocks and cloth chairs should be machine-washed using the gentle cycle. Add the appropriate amount of bleach to the wash cycle for white items and hang them outside to dry. For larger pieces that cant be machine-washed, check out our specific care instructions in How to Clean Canvas Furniture.

How to protect your outdoor rattan furniture?

-Apply 2 layers of linseed oil at least every second year

The color of your rattan will fade away if you dont take proper care of it. But this is not really the biggest danger that your rattan is facing. The worst thing that will do damage to it is definitely the outside weather.

-Cover your rattan set

You should probably buy a cover and cover your rattan furniture set if you have it outside. I would recommend that it is always covered unless you are planning to use it. In this way, you will achieve the longest lifespan of your rattan furniture possible.

-Winterize your rattan set

The thing that improves the lifespan of your outdoor rattan furniture is definitely winterizing it (putting it away for the winter). I recommend that you put it in your garden shed and cover it. If you can you can even put it indoors, but you have to make sure to protect the legs of your furniture so that you dont do any damage to the floor.

These are just a few simple steps in caring for your rattan furniture. If followed correctly, these can help you to protect your rattan and ensure that it stays in great shape for a long time, you can click to learn more, Insharefurniture Leisure Chair Manufactureris an ideal choice for your garden, home and office.

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