Animal Crossing's Mario Crossover image is perfect

With the update of Super Mario Bros. Crossover Update, Animal Crossing has been invaded by the horror version of the awesome Mushroom Kingdom character.

Posted March 3,2021 in Entertainment.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Super Mario Bros's crossover update brings many elements of the Mushroom Kingdom to the player's island. Added some decorative items, as well as Super Mario-themed clothing, and added some fans' favorite characters.

It's great that Nintendo has introduced these Mario characters into the game. To echo the artistic style of the animal crossing game, Nintendo changed the classic image of Mario. ACBellsBuy store can learn about the latest updates. In the Animal Crossing Mario update, players can dress up as Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Wario costumes that can only be described as copyright compatible.

They are not immediately recognizable, and the spacing in their eyes is so obvious that they will feel uneasy on closer inspection. The ordinary Mario model does have a large gap between the eyes, but he also has a bulbous nose and thick eyebrows to distract attention. Mario's lack of eyebrows in crossing the animal trail makes him look like a character that should appear in the game of finding the difference.

The updated trailer also gave us a glance at the Mario costume, which was simply a nightmare. A small number of players are not accustomed to this upgrade, Buy Animal Crossing Bells can help players get used to the changes in the game as soon as possible. Without his iconic oversized teeth and strong intestines, Mario would look strange. The color of his hair and beard do not match.

The characters may look weird, but Mario's cross-animal items look great. The decorative super mushroom looks exactly like the version in the Mario game. It seems to have similar accuracy to the original form, and the Warp Pipes added in the update are both stylish and practical.

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